Published: 2017-03-25

Juvenile buccal pleomorphic adenoma: a rare case report

Ali Abdullah AlShehri, Saad Nasser Al-Qarni, Jibril Yahia Hudise, Ibrahim Ali Sumaily


Salivary glands tumors are relatively uncommon in pediatric age group. Less incidence is expected in minor salivary glands of pediatric patients. In the buccal minor salivary glands only five cases reported as pleomorphic adenoma in english literature. Herein we present an 11 years old boy presented with right side buccal mass which is mobile on physical examination with normal overlying buccal mucosa. Histopathology revealed a pleomorphic adenoma. Such case is rare in this part of oral cavity especially in young age group. our case is the third youngest patients with buccal pleomorphic adenoma. Reporting it will add a material to the literature for further studies on such disease presentation.


Pleomorphic adenoma, Buccal mass, Juvenile, Salivary gland tumor

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