Experiences with management of foreign body airway presenting as dire emergency


  • Aishwarya Ullal Department of ENT, St. Marys Hospital, Thoduphuza, Kerala, India
  • Arun P. Ajith Department of Radiodiagnosis, Kottayam Medical College, Kerala, India




Emergency, Foreign body, Aspiration


Aspiration of foreign bodies by children is a common problem around the world. Foreign body aspiration is a common cause of morbidity and mortality in children, especially between ages 18 months to 3 years. Laryngeal foreign bodies pose as a dire emergency lead to choking and accidental deaths. This is a case series of five cases of laryngeal foreign bodies presenting as a dire emergency to our casualty. Detailed history and examination was done. Radiological investigations were done. Rigid bronchoscopy was performed and the foreign body was extracted restoring the airway, preventing the accidental death of the patient. Foreign bodies of the airway are the most common causes of preventable deaths among children. Quick detailed history, examination and radiological investigations are required to come to the diagnosis and prompt management. This case series throws light on how to manage laryngeal foreign bodies.


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