Published: 2021-08-23

Rare presentation of Aspergillus as cystic swelling in pre-maxillary region

Ishita ., Yadav Vishav, Sharma Kumar Dinesh, Bhagat Sanjeev


Subcutaneous fungal infections are caused by penetration of the causative fungi into the subcutaneous layer and usually present as single, localised non-tender nodular swelling. The diagnostic process is a vital dynamic process that requires effective communication and efficient collaboration. Aspergillus hyphae invade host tissues through release of various toxins like proteases, phospholipases, hemolysins, gliotoxin, aflatoxin, phthioic acid and other toxins. Under general anesthesia and proper aseptic conditions using Moure incision surgical debulking of the pre-maxillary mass was done and post-operatively oral antifungal medication was started. Multiple cystic swelling was sent for histopathological examination and found to be non-invasive Aspergillus fungal infection. Subcutaneous form of aspergillosis manifest as subcutaneous fungal infection. We presented an unusual case report of 45 years old immunocompetent female with cystic presentation of aspergillosis involving premaxillary region.


Cystic swelling, Pre-maxillary mass, Aspergillus

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