Frontoethmoid mucocele: a case report


  • Musleh Mubaraki Department of ORLHNS, Aseer central Hospital, Asir, KSA
  • Ali Albarki Department of ORLHNS, Khamis general hospital, Asir, KSA
  • Radeif Shamakhi Department of ORLHNS, Prince Mohammed Hospital, Jizan, KSA



Frontoethmiod mucocele, Endoscopic marsupialization, Sinonasal approache


Mucoceles are cystic lesions of the paranasal sinuses that develop as a result of mucous secretion accumulation due to sinus ostium obstruction, Mucoceles are most common in the frontal and ethmoidal sinuses, and they affect both men and women equally in may become infected and spread to the orbital cavity, compressing the orbit by eroding the orbital cavity's bony walls. In surgical treatment, endoscopic approach we are used, we present a case of a complicated ethmoid mucocele that eroded the orbital wall and spread into the orbital cavity, and we discuss surgical treatment options in light of the existing literature.


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