Published: 2021-04-23

Retrosternal goitre: a diagnostic quandary

Neeraj Kasliwal, Ashwath Kasliwal, Anirudh Kasliwal


Retrosternal goitre is usually referred to enlarged thyroid gland with more than 50% of its mass below the thoracic inlet. It has clinical importance because it may cause compression of the major vessels in the neck. In this article we are reporting a case of 51-year-old female who came to the otolaryngology clinic with slight dyspnoea on exertion for 3 years. She was an elderly female, obese, with a short broad neck with no obvious swelling in the neck. Surgical resection of the mass with either isolated neck incision or neck incision/sternotomy remains the treatment of choice.


Goitre, Thyroidectomy, Retrosternal, Substernal

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