Mucormycosis coinfection associated with global COVID-19: a case series from India

Deepthi Satish, Divya Joy, Anita Ross, Balasubramanya .



Background: Mucormycosis is a life-threatening fungal infection that occurs in immunocompromised patients. There has been increasing number of mucormycosis cases during COVID-19 pandemic and also as post COVID-19 sequelae. Our study aimed at scrutinizing a possible coinfection of invasive mycoses and COVID-19 and also its management

Methods: We did a retrospective case study of 25 patients presenting as invasive fungal infection from March -December 2020. Majority of patients were immunocompromised, since they presented during the pandemic, all patients were subjected to rapid antigen and RT -PCR testing for COVID-19.

Results: 11 patients tested COVID-19 positive out of 25. Diagnosis of mucormycosis was based on clinical features, culture, and histopathology from sinus biopsy. COVID-19 positive patients were managed in the high dependency units and COVID-19 wards. Severe COVID-19 positive patients were empirically started on IV Amphotericin based on clinical suspicion of mucormycosis and were taken up for debridement once stable. Negative patients underwent surgical debridement and were started on IV Amphotericin postoperatively.

Conclusions: There have been lot of case reports from India showing COVID-19 recovered patients presenting with invasive fungal infections, this could be because of their immunocompromised status and long-term corticosteroid use. In our case series we had three patients with post COVID-19 mucormycosis. There was a surge in COVID-19 positive mucor cases during August and September which also coincided with the maximum peak of cases in India, thereafter, there has been a declining trend. There have been significant challenges in treatment modality and outcome due to the pandemic.


Mucormycosis, COVID 19, Supplied air respirator, Fungal infections, Post COVID sequelae

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