Accuracy of FNAC in diagnosing thyroid swelling: a retrospective study

Hamsa Shetty, Sridhar S., Gangadhar K. S.


Background: Aim of the study was to determine the accuracy of FNAC in diagnosing thyroid swellings.

Methods: A Retrospective study was conducted over a period of one year (September 2014 to September 2015), which included 54 patients, who presented with thyroid swelling to the ENT outpatient department.All the above patients were subjected to FNAC,and were operated for the swelling, their histopathological report were correlated with the pre-operative FNAC report to determine the accuracy of FNAC in correctly diagnosing the thyroid swelling. The data in this study was analysed using statistics analysis system (SAS) software.  

Results: Majority of the patients was in 3rd decade and females were more than males. The accuracy of FNAC in diagnosing thyroid swelling in the present study was found to be 77.78%.

Conclusions: FNAC is a safe, quick and inexpensive technique in diagnosing thyroid swelling with high degree of accuracy.


Fine needle aspiration cytology, Thyroid, Accuracy

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