Published: 2020-12-24

Plasma ascorbic acid therapy and eosinophilic counts in allergic rhinitis: a pilot study

Manish Munjal, Atul Singh, Shubham Munjal, Indu Verma, Abhra Ghosh, Sahil Ahluwalia, Ajit Singh Khurana


Background: Role of plasma ascorbic acid in reducing the eosinophilic counts in subjects of allergic rhinitis was studied.

Methods: 60 patients were randomly selected from the Rhinology clinics of Oto- Rhino- laryngology and Head-Neck services of a tertiary health care facility. Shift in the eosinophilic counts in three groups of patients i.e., allergic rhinitis, placebo and control groups was analyzed and compared. The study was undertaken in a period of 11/2 years (June 2009 -January 2010) Blood eosinophilic count as %age of DLC was noted.

Results: The mean eosinophilic count was elevated in allergic patients (8.009±2.91) with respect to that in the controls (4.70±1.26). It reverted to normal with treatment with vitamin C. No change was seen in the placebo group. (5.45±3.56).

Conclusions: Vitamin-c reduces the eosinophilic counts in allergic rhinitis.



Allergic rhinitis, Ascorbic acid, Eosinophilic count, Vitamin C

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