Clinico-cytoradiological correlation with histopathology in the diagnosis of thyroid nodule

Anuj A. Kansara, Atul H. Kansara


Background: Thyroid nodules are commonly encountered in the surgical practice and accurate preoperative evaluation of thyroid disorder becomes mandatory for proper management of the patient. This study aimed to correlate preoperative FNAC and USG with postoperative histopathological diagnosis.

Methods: 50 patients who underwent surgical intervention for thyroid swelling from May 2016 to May 2017 were recruited. The study design consisted of a prospective correlation of preoperative FNAC and USG with postoperative histopathological diagnosis.  

Results: Out of 50 patients 42 were female and 8 males. Overall sensitivity for FNAC was 66.66% and specificity of 97.36% and for USG, Sensitivity was 58.33% and specificity of 94.73%.

Conclusions: FNAC and USG are an essential procedure for preoperative assessment of thyroid swelling, but malignancy can still come as a surprise in postoperative histopathological examination. A combined opinion on the nature of a thyroid swelling should be done but still, the thyroid swelling continues to be an enigma and definitive diagnosis is possible only with excision and postoperative histopathological examination.


FNAC, Histopathology, Thyroid nodule, Ultrasonography

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