Comparison of neo-pharmatherapy and volume building therapy in USSL


  • Narendra B. Suratwala Department of ENT, Sarvoday Hospital and VAV Car Clinic, Surat, Gujarat, India
  • Jay N. Suratwala Department of ENT, Sarvoday Hospital and VAV Car Clinic, Surat, Gujarat, India
  • H. D. Jadawala SMIMER Medical college P and SM, Surat, Gujarat, India



DS, Neopharma, PTA, SRT, Unilateral sudden sensorineural loss


Background: Objective of the study was to identify healthy individuals with idiopathic unilateral sudden hearing loss (USSL) and treating them under either of two different therapeutic protocols to judge the hearing recovery.

Methods: Prospective crossover series study of 72 adult patients (males and females) of Indian origin was performed. Diagnosis of USSL  and treating under two different  protocols as; Group "A" was treated with oral combination form of Vinpocetine, Q-enzyme, Piracetam and B. Serrata over 3 months; while Group "B" was treated with Plasma expander IV Dextran, IV Dexamethasone, I/M Cyanocobalamine and Cyclandelate for 5 days followed by oral Dexametasone for 5 days Methycobalamine over 3 months. Common audiological and communicative parameters were applied in both treated groups to assess and analyse the responses incurred at the end of treatment. The graded system was applied to evaluate the SRT. Better outcomes based on the trialed drugs and their action is assessed.  

Results: 61 of 72 patients successfully completed the regimes. After applying Siegel's grading for judging the SRT gains; group A had 16, 10 and 5 with grade I, II, III recovery while group B had 8, 6, 16 with grades I, II, III recovery respectively. It was noticed that group A patients showed earlier recovery of higher frequencies.

Conclusions: Both subject groups showed improved BC gains at end treatment. There was marked hearing recovery (Gr. I, II-Siegel's classification) in group "A" was (78%) which is significant over group "B" (50%) and above natural recovery rate.

Author Biography

Narendra B. Suratwala, Department of ENT, Sarvoday Hospital and VAV Car Clinic, Surat, Gujarat, India



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