Bimodal intervention in cystic lesions of the maxillary antrum

Manish Munjal, Venus Tilavat, Porshia Rishi, Shubham Munjal, Harjinder Sidhu, Salony Sharma, Jigisha Dosanjh


Intrinsic or extrinsic cysts are common maxillary antral lesions as there is close proximity between the maxillary antrum and maxillary teeth. Main stay of treatment is complete surgical excision. Endoscopic trans nasal middle meatus corridor and the canine fossa approach facilitate 360-degree access, resection and removal of cystic lesions of the maxillary antrum. Bimodal technique to treat maxillary cysts that have expanded into the maxillary sinus is discussed here.  


Maxillary sinus, Endoscope, Excision, Cyst

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