Sublingual dermoid: an uncommon presentation and review of literature

Hubballi Ravi Kishore, Reshma P. R.


Dermoid cysts are generally seen in the areas of embryonic fusion, in the midline, either following sequestration of ectodermal tissue, or due to failure of separation of the ectoderm from the mesoderm during third to fifth weeks of gestation. Patient information: An eighteen year old female patient presented to department of otorhinolaryngology with a painless swelling in the floor of mouth on right side. Physical examination: the swelling was cystic in consistency, bluish in color, translucent, globular shaped, nontender with a right soft submental swelling. Diagnostic assessment: both ultrasound and computed tomography of the swelling was done which reported as ranula. Interventions; under aseptic precautions and general anesthesia, elective excision of the cyst was done by intraoral approach and specimen was sent for histopathological examination. Postoperative period was uneventful. Follow up and outcome: on follow up the patient was stable and the histopathological report revealed dermoid cyst. A lateral to midline presentation of sublingual dermoid cyst in the floor of mouth with recent occurrence of symptoms and no history of any trauma is rare, hence should be considered as one of the differential diagnosis for floor of the mouth cystic swellings. Ranula and dermoid cysts have similar clinical presentation with similar ultrasound, computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging findings. The only distinguishable investigation is histopathological examination and all the specimens have to be sent for histopathological examination irrespective of the preoperative investigation reports.


Dermoid cyst, Sublingual, Ranula, Cystic swelling

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