Intrathyroidal thyroglossal duct cyst: two interesting cases and review of literature

Blessy B. Prabha, Vijay Rangachari, Vidya B. Bhat


The features and presentation of thyroglossal duct cyst as a midline neck swelling are well known. We present two cases of intrathyroidal thyroglossal duct cyst who presented as a classical thyroid nodule. Distinguishing features, clinical work up, management, histopathological findings and literature review are presented. Intra-thyroidal thyroglossal duct cyst masquerading as a thyroid nodule is rare, and should be borne in mind in the differential diagnosis of solitary nodule of thyroid. Preoperative aspiration cytology findings of benign squamous cells should be a pointer towards the presence of intrathyroidal thyroglossal cyst.   


Intrathyroidal cyst, Thyroglossal duct cyst, Thyroid nodule, Atypical thyroid cyst

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