Factors affecting outcome of cochlear implant: an observational study

Parth Patni, Deepak Dalmia, Udayanila T., Harish Katakdhond, Karthika Bhagavan


Background: Aim and objectives of the study was to evaluate various factors affecting outcome in cochlear implant surgery.

Methods: A hospital based retrospective observational study in which 51 patients who underwent cochlear implant surgery from July 2017 to January 2019 were evaluated at Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Memorial Hospital, Byculla, Mumbai using 3 parameters i.e. Revised CAP score (CAP), meaningful auditory integration scale (MAIS), speech intelligibility rating (SIR) at various intervals postoperatively and outcome was evaluated.

Results: It was found that the postoperative mean scores in all age groups were comparable but not significant at 3, 6 and 9 months interval while the difference was statistically significant at 12 and 24 months interval post implantation with less than 2 years age group performing better than other age groups patients with less than 2 years duration of auditory deprivation, the mean scores were found to be statistically significant at 12 and  24 months implantation Relationship to common causes such as prenatal infections, low birth weight, prolonged labour, hyperbilirubinemia, meningitis and consanguineous marriage were considered but not significant. No significant difference was observed in parent’s education level, urban-rural population to the outcome of cochlear implantation.

Conclusions: Two most important factors that affect the outcome cochlear implantation are the age at implantation and the duration of auditory deprivation. Other factors are important but not significant and do not affect the outcome significantly.


Cochlear implant, Congenital sensorineural hearing loss, Age at implantation, CAP score, SIR score, MAIS score

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