Primary nasal tuberculosis of maxillary sinus leading to otitis media: a rare presentation

Meenesh Juvekar, Baisali Sarkar


Tuberculosis is one of the most common treatable infectious disease in India. Most common presentation being pulmonary tuberculosis. Primary tuberculosis of maxillary sinus leading to chronic otitis media is an extremely rare entity, diagnosis of which is often delayed and resulting in delay in start of actual treatment. The following report highlight a case of 63 years male patient presented with bilateral ear discharge, not responding to the routine antibiotic therapy. CT scan imaging denoted left pansinusitis with osteomyelitic changes in left maxillary sinus with otitis media. The diagnosis was confirmed by histopathological biopsy report. The patient was treated with Anti-tubercular regimen for 9 months and following which bilateral tympano-mastoidectomy was done.


Tuberculosis, Maxillary sinus, Middle ear, Eustachian tube, Otitis media

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