Published: 2020-07-22

Clinical evaluation of disorders of voice

Shashidhar S. Suligavi, Shoeb Alam


Background: Disorders of the voice commonly affect the quality of life of the person. The objective of the study was to find out the incidence and features of disorders of vocal cords presented in the OPD with hoarseness of voice.

Methods: A study comprising of 45 cases of hoarseness of voice is carried out in the department of otorhinolaryngology in SNMC Bagalkot between January 2018 to June 2019 to evaluate the disorders of change in voice. A total of 45 patients came to OPD and indirect laryngoscopy was done to the patient and confirmed with flexible fibreoptic examination.  

Results: Age of patients ranges between 8-75 years. There was a slight male predominance seen in the study. Housewives (29%) constitutes single largest group followed by farmers (22%), teachers and labourers. Duration ranges from 6 days to 15 years with 64% patients present with more than 3 months of duration. Voice abuse constitutes single largest precipitating factors followed by tobacco and smoking along with gastrolaryngeal reflex. 78% have single habits and 22% have multiple habits.

Conclusions: Maximum no of patients were of infectious group followed by benign lesions and laryngeal palsy.



Voice abuse, Laryngeal palsy, Indirect laryngoscopy, Gastrolaryngeal reflex

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