Published: 2020-06-25

Upper lip reconstruction post major cancer resections using the hybrid concept

Badr M. I. Abdulrauf


Major defects of the upper lip due to cancer surgery are relatively less common compared to lower lip. Standard techniques such as Karapandzic’s are capable of reconstructing up to fifty percent of the lip otherwise microstomia and oral incompetence may result. The upper lip has few aesthetic characteristic details due to the philtrum, its columns and cupid’s bows. Here we are proposing incorporation of an abbe flap to reconstruct the central unit of upper lip, associated with Karapandzic flaps from both sides. Use of a lip sharing concept has an additional advantage of producing harmony to the reconstructed region, and avoidance of crowding phenomena to the lower lip.


Upper lip, Cancer, Reconstruction, Large defect, Karapandzic flap, Abbe flap

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