Tracheostomy in paediatric patients

Aditiya Saraf, Raies Ahmad Begh, Deep Jyoti, Padam Singh Jamwal


Background: The objective of the study was to evaluate paediatric tracheostomies in the Department of ENT, GMC.

Methods: The present prospective study was performed in the Department of ENT, GMC Jammu from January 2018 to 2020 on 20 paediatric patients (<17 years of age). All children were evaluated with respect to age, indication of tracheostomy, complications (intra-operative and post-operative) and mortality.  

Results: The most common indication for tracheostomy was prolonged intubation (85%). Intraoperative complication in the form of creation of false passage was seen in 1 patient (5%). The most common early post-operative complication was tube obstruction (20%). Late complication in the form of stomal granulation was seen in 2 patients (10%).

Conclusions: Over the years, more specific indications for tracheostomy are followed and better results are observed. Paediatric tracheostomy at our institute was associated with less procedure related morbidity and mortality.


Paediatric, Tracheostomy, Granulation

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