Plunging ranula in 26 years old male: a case report

Rachna Dhingra, Jailal Davessar, Pushkal ., Vignesh A. K., Shruti Sharma


Ranula is a bluish translucent cystic lesion in the floor of mouth. It can be true cyst occurring due to obstruction of the sublingual gland or a minor salivary gland or a pseudocyst as a result of ductal injury leading to extravasation and accumulation of saliva in surrounding tissues. Two variants of ranula are described in the literature: simple oral ranula and deep diving or plunging ranula. We report a case of plunging ranula with both oral and cervical components which is treated successfully by surgical excision. This case report involves an unusually large ranula involving floor of mouth with cervical extension, more towards left side, in a 26 years old male. It is successfully removed in- toto by transcervical approach. The patient was followed up on a regular basis and was disease free.


Plunging ranula, Sublingual gland, Cystic lesion, Submandibular gland

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