Pleomorphic adenoma of the nasal cavity- an unusual presentation

Archana Arora, Karan Sharma


Pleomorphic adenomas (mixed tumors) are the most common benign tumor of the major salivary glands. In addition, they may also occur in the minor salivary glands of the hard and soft palate. Intranasal pleomorphic adenomas are unusual. We report a rare case of large sized pleomorphic adenoma arising from the nasal septum. A 42-year-old man presented with a 3 month history of multiple episodes of nasal bleeding and obstruction on right side of nose. On examination we found a non-tender firm mass extending upto the nasal vestibule which bled on probing. Computed tomographic scans revealed a mass in the right anterior nasal cavity and spur on left side. Paranasal sinuses, posterior choanae and nasopharynx were normal. An intranasal endoscopic approach was used to achieve a wide local resection along with coagulation of base and spurectomy on the left side. The mass was 2.5×2.0 cm with a broad based attachement of 1.0 cm on the nasal septum. The microscopic finding showed a lobular and duct-like structures consisting of a loose chondromyxoid stroma suggestive of a pleomorphic adenoma. Large sized nasal cavity mass with history of epistaxis and which bleeds on probing should be finally assessed under general anaesthesia. It should be excised endoscopically and subjected to histopathological examination.


Pleomorphic adenoma, Nasal septum, Endoscopy

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