A study of deep space infections of neck

Thimmappa T. D., Ramesh S., Nagraj M., Gangadhara K. S.


Background: The objective of the study was to analyse the signs and symptoms, etiology, site and outcome of deep space infections of neck.

Methods: This was retrospective study and included 50 patients admitted with deep neck space infections to Government Mc Gann teaching hospital SIMS, Shimoga, Karnataka, India between January 2009 – January 2015.  

Results: The extreme age group, high virulence of organism, underlying clinical conditions, low socioeconomic groups are vulnerable for above infections. Mortality in 3 cases was due to mediastinitis and extended space infection.

Conclusions: Deep neck space infection is still a challenging disease in otorhinolaryngology. Early surgical drainage remains the main method of treating deep neck abscesses and conservative medical treatment are effective in selective cases that have minimal cellulitis.


Deep neck spaces infection, Morbidity, Life risk, Incision & drainage, Culture of pus, Antibiotic therapy

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