Published: 2020-04-21

Establishment of significant improvement of hearing post-surgery for mucosal type of chronic suppurative otitis media

Deepthy Das, Gurumani Sriraman, Valli Rajasekaran


Chronic suppurative otitis media occurs in the population as a common disease among people living in low socio-economic status. The associated complaints such as hearing difficulty, irritation, discharge makes it difficult for the people to carry out their daily activities. Therefore, their immediate need for treatment occurs. This review aims at analysing the post-operative outcome of hearing following tympanoplasty in order to overcome their morbidity. The source of this study has been obtained from Pubmed, Google scholar and EMBASE. The material for this review was selected from a reference published between January 1975 to December 2014, with this analysis was made. The pre-op ABG in the studies were all falling in mild to moderate hearing loss according to WHO classification of hearing loss. The patients were grouped in Austin-Kartush criteria, groups A to E. The Austin-Kartush classification group A had 3 studies included. The mean ABG for each were 11.5,8.3 and 13.5. In group B,3studies were included. The mean ABG for each were 11.9,10.9 and 11.1. Group C had 4 studies. The mean ABG were 17.7,15,17.1 and 15.7. Group D had 4 studies included which had the same mean ABG 16.6. Group E had just 1 study of mean ABG 20.1. This review helped to establish that there was significant improvement in hearing post-surgery, in patients with varying degrees of hearing loss.


Otitis media, Tympanoplasty, Hearing tests, Ear ossicles

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