Published: 2020-06-25

Nasolabial hamartoma: a rare case report

D. Senthamarai Kannan, G. Soundara Rajan, Veerasigamani Narendrakumar, V. K. Sathiya


Nasolabial cysts are rare, nonodontogenic soft tissue developmental cysts occur in the maxillary lip and nasal alar regions. Patients usually presents with an asymptomatic soft swelling with obliteration of the nasolabial fold. Due to it's origin from entrapped epithelium in an embryonic fusion plane developmentally, this cyst is considered to be a Hamartoma. Hamartomas are non-neoplastic malformations, or inborn errors of tissue development. They are characterized by an abnormal mixture of tissues indigenous to that area of the body. Complete surgical excision is the accepted method of treatment. This report aimed to present a case of nasolabial cyst hamartoma, which is rare in presentation.


Nasolabial cyst, Hamartoma, Non-odontogenic cyst

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