Cut throat gashes: emergency tracheostomy as a relief

Prem Nivas, Balaji Swaminathan, Ruta Shanmugam, Suji Govindarajan, Thulasi Doss


Cut throat injury accounts for about 5 to 10 percent of all traumas. It is a life-threatening emergency condition. Cut throat injuries are challenging in terms of management as it necessitates close collaboration by otolaryngologists, anaesthetists, psychiatrists, speech therapists and general surgeons. Securing airway by emergency tracheostomy is always of prime concern to prevent impending complications such as haemorrhage, shock and asphyxia followed by closure of wound. This paper shares our experience with three patients who presented in emergency department with cut throat injuries of varying etiology who were treated diligently with a multidisciplinary approach. This paper is to emphasize the importance of securing airway by emergency tracheostomy under local anaesthesia.


Cut throat injury, Tracheostomy, Neck zone, Cartilage injury

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