A rare case of primary nasal tuberculosis

George M. V., Lina Theresa, Aswathi R.


Even though tuberculosis is not uncommon, primary nasal tuberculosis is extremely rare. This is the story of a 46 years old man, diabetic, who had not any chest symptoms suggestive of tuberculosis, presented to us with nasal block, sneezing for a long time. The symptoms didn't improve with the usual lines of management from Dubai where he was working.  When we saw the patient, he had a deviated nasal septum towards right side, and highly boggy pale mucosa of the nose with mucoid discharge on left side.  He was on antibiotics for a long time. Hence a CT scan was taken. The CT scan showed typical features of sinusitis. Therefore, he was advised septoplasty with functional endoscopic sinus surgery (FESS). On surgery, the inferior turbinate was seen boggy with pale mucosa. It obscured the vision of the middle turbinate. There was granuloma on the turbinate. This was taken for biopsy and the report was granulomatous tissue with areas of necrosis and the possibility of tuberculosis is there. His blood samples were negative for other granulomatous disease and therefore was advised antituberculosis treatment. His symptoms improved. There was no evidence of a pulmonary tuberculosis in the chest and therefore was diagnosed as a case of primary nasal tuberculosis.


Extra pulmonary tuberculosis, Primary nasal tuberculosis, FESS

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