Lepromatous palate perforation and its surgical repair: a case report

Amardeep Singh, Manjunath K., Akash Aradhya S., Manjunatha Rao S. V.


Involvement of oral cavity in lepromatous leprosy has been observed in 19-60% cases and has been described as late manifestation of disease. About 75% of oral lesions have been observed in the anterior part of hard palate which may result in debilitating complications like perforation of hard palate. We present a case of lepromatous perforation of hard palate that was effectively treated by multidrug therapy for the primary disease. The patient was declared disease free by slit skin smear method and reparative surgery of perforation was done with good results.


Lepromatous leprosy, Oral lesions, Palatal perforation, Surgical repair

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