Non-salivary and non-intestinal orbital adenocarcinoma




Adenocarcinoma, Non-salivary, Non-intestinal


The non-salivary and non-intestinal adenocarcinomas are glandular tumors that include cases of low grade with low metastatic potential and high-grade ones, with aggressive metastatic potential. We present a clinical case of a 47 years old patient, referred to an ENT specialist because of swelling of the inner corner of right eye. Computed tomography (CT) and magnetic resonance imaging showed a proliferation process. The histopathological examination of the tumor biopsy revealed a high grade, non-salivary and non-intestinal orbital adenocarcinoma. Afterwards we review the literature on the subject. The primary non-salivary and non-intestinal orbital adenocarcinoma is characterized by locoregional aggressiveness, making treatment difficult and often mutilating. The prognosis is generally unfavourable. The clinician must exclude a malignant process of lacrimal sac in any patient presenting with a mass of the inner corner of the eye, with the help of the CT associated with magnetic resonance imaging. At the slightest doubt, the biopsy must be obtained. The treatment is multidisciplinary.

Author Biographies

Pedro Clarós, Department of ENT, Clínica Clarós, Barcelona, Spain


Aymar Diandaga Maleka, Department of ENT, Clínica Clarós, Barcelona, Spain


Agnieszka Walag, Department of ENT, Clínica Clarós, Barcelona, Spain



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