An unusual case of Ayurvedic tablet as foreign body cricopharynx


  • Charanjit Singh Kalra Department of ENT, Kalra hospital, Ludhiana, Punjab
  • Ankur Mohan Department of ENT, Kalra hospital, Ludhiana, Punjab
  • Gurkiran Kaur Department of ENT, Ram Lal ENT Hospital, Majitha Road, Guru Nanak Avenue, Amritsar, Punjab



Foreign body cricopharynx, Ayurvedic tablet, Radio opaque


A cricopharyngeal foreign body is a common emergency to any otolaryngologist in their clinical practice. Coins, button batteries, pencil tips, screws, tooth brush, safety pin are usually found in children but are rarely seen in adults in the cricopharynx. We present an unusual case of ayurvedic tablet as a foreign body in a 40-year-old female who swallowed an Ayurvedic tablet. She complained of absolute dysphagia to both solids and liquids. Such tablets are usually radiolucent and are not visualised on routine radiographs. Unexpectedly, on the X-ray lateral view of the neck, cricopharynx area showed a circular radio opaque shadow radio opaque shadow. Foreign body was removed by hypopharyngoscopy and patient was discharged with no complaints. Ayurvedic tablet as radio opaque shadow is a rare presentation and only one similar case has been reported so far.


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