Cochlear implant complications in Misrata Central Hospital

Abdussalam Mohamed Jahan, Aisha Mohamed Abuzagaya, Mohamed Hussain Patel, Yousef Mohamed Eldanfur


Background: Cochlear implantation is a safe and reliable method for auditory restoration in patients with severe to profound hearing loss.

Methods: Unilateral surgical procedures cochlear implants were performed in Misrata Central Hospital, Libya, between November 2012 to November 2016, involving 140 patients, retrospective data analysis was performed.  

Results: Of 140 cochlear implantations analyzed; 130 were pre lingual, and 10 were post-lingual. The ratio of M:F were 3: 2, the total complications were seen in 24 cases (17.14%), major complications rate was (2.86%) 4 cases and minor complications rate was (14.28%) 20 cases.

Conclusions: There was a low rate of complications, most of them been successfully managed, these results confirm that the cochlear implant is a safe procedure can be done for the profoundly deaf patient.


Cochlear implant, Complications, Operative complication in cochlear implantation

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