Published: 2019-10-23

Rhinoentomophthoramycosis: Madras ENT Research Foundation experience

Kiran Natarajan, Sowmya Gajapathy, Swathi R., A. Soodimuthu, Mohan Kameswaran


Rhinoentomophthoramycosis is a rare tropical fungal infection affecting the nasal cavities and the subcutaneous  tissues. The most common causative organism is Conidiobolus coronatus followed by Basidiobolus. In our institution, two patients with Rhinoentomophthoramycosis were seen over a ten year period and were treated successfully with anti- fungal therapy. Rhinoentomophthoramycosis has to be considered in the differential diagnosis of a nasal granuloma or subcutaneous swellings in the face or neck.



Rhinoentomophthoramycosis, Nasal lesion, Subcutaneous swellings

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