Audiological evaluation of medical students of tertiary care center and its relation with mobile phone use


  • Raghvendra Singh Gaur Department of ENT and Head and Neck Surgery, SSIMS, Durg, Chhattisgarh, India
  • Swati Chandel ENT Consultant, Durg, Chhattisgarh, India



High frequency hearing loss, Mobile use, Audiological evaluation


Background: In the modern era mobile phone uses is constantly increasing day by day after its commercial availability from 1983. The mobile is an electromagnetic device which work on radiofrequency band, it receives and send signals.

Methods: In this study we selected tertiary level centre students for hearing evaluation including higher frequency in chronic mobile user. Volunteers from medical college students between 20 to 30 were included who have been using mobile phone for more than a year.

Results: Among the 200 subjects male candidates were 118 and female candidates were 82. Age of the volunteers was between 20 years and 30 years. After careful assessment of audiogram obtained from the volunteers segregation done in two groups, one with no hearing loss and other with hearing loss. 69% of total volunteers had no hearing impairments that is 138 volunteers where as 31% had hearing impairments that is 62 volunteers. If we compare these two groups the age of group having hearing loss was near 30 years

Conclusions: In our study we observed that pronged mobile phone uses predispose to the hearing loss at the dominant ear. This hearing loss was noticed on long term use of hearing and since it involve the unilateral ear we presumed mobile phone use is the responsible factor. We observed that more the duration of mobile phone use more will be hearing loss.


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