Application of Arabic hearing in noise test on subjects with sensorineural hearing loss


  • Wessam Mostafa Essawy Department of Otorhinolaryngology, Faculty of Medicine, Tanta University, Egypt



Hearing in noise test, Sentences speech recognition thresholds, Signal to noise ratio, Sensorineural hearing loss


Background: HINT sentence test is one of adaptive speech in noise tests. It has been used in many clinical applications such as recording of speech perception threshold using sentences material in quiet and in noise and verifying the benefit from hearing-aid amplification and cochlear implants, especially in noise. This study was designed to apply HINT to subjects with SNHL to get a normative data for this group.

Methods: This study included 50 subjects with bilateral mild to moderate sensorineural hearing loss.  

Results: In SNHL subjects, the mean of sSRT in quiet was 49.46 dB (A)±0.68 dB. The mean of S/N ratio at threshold was 7.69 S/N ratio ±0.68, -8.18±0.33 and -8.18±0.35 in the noise conditions 0°, 90° and 270° respectively.

Conclusions: The statistical reliability and efficiency of the test suit it to practical applications especially in SNHL subjects. 


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