Published: 2019-08-27

Clinical study of preauricular sinus and its management

P. S. Maradesha, Divya H. R., Veenapani M. K.


Background: Preauricular sinus is the common congenital disease with tendency for repeated infections. It can present as a pit or depression at the anterior margin of ascending limb of helix. It is due to defect in auricular embryogenesis, which results in preauricular sinus.

Methods: This is the prospective study conducted in Mysore Medical College. All preauricular sinus patients were included for this study. 20 patients of all gender underwent surgery by supra-auricular dissection.  

Results: In all the cases plane of temporalis fascia identified, skin anterior to the sinus is excised along with a piece of adjoining helical cartilage. With this method no recurrences were encountered.

Conclusions: Standard surgical technique i.e. sinusectomy has more recurrence rate. In our study we observed that surgical outcome after supra–auricular dissection method had no recurrences.


Preauricular sinus, Supraauricular dissection, Sinusectomy

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