Cervical vagal nerve ganglioneuroma: a rare case report

Deepak Dalmia, Sanjaya Kumar Behera, Mohammed Ali Motiwala, Bharat Rekhi


Ganglioneuromas occurring in the neck are uncommon. Schumacker and Lawrence (1939) stated that cervical ganglioneuroma is a rarest neck tumor. These tumors arise from cells of mantle layer of primitive neural tube and from the neural crest which migrate to a station or intermediate point in the autonomic paraganglionic nervous system. They have thus been described in neck arising elsewhere than from the cervical sympathetic chain e.g. larynx, pharynx and from nodus ganglion of vagus nerve. They may also spread or arise intraspinally. It doesn’t show sex predilection. Both sexes almost equally affected. Most often present as painless, slow growing lateral neck mass. At time of presentation they present with Vocal cord paralysis. Family history may be present. Definite preoperative diagnosis may be difficult and investigations not usually helpful. We are presenting a unique case of management of left cervical vagal nerve ganglioneuroma who presented to us left side neck swelling and hoarseness of voice.


Ganglioneuroma, Thyroplasty, Vagus

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