Pediatric neck masses: a clinicopathological study

Seepana Soma Shekara Rao, Seepana Ramesh, Hanumanthu Ramesh, Kusuma Jeevan Pradep, Satvinder Singh Bakshi, Soumyajit Das


Background: Pediatric neck masses are one of the most commonly presenting problems in ENT practice. Based on the etiology they are classified as infectious, congenital or neoplastic. A detailed history and physical examination are essential to establish the diagnosis and treat them. The study was undertaken to assess the clinicopathological profile of the pediatric neck masses.

Methods: The present study was conducted for a period of 24 months between March 2015 to February 2017 in the Department of ENT, Government General Hospital Srikakulam in a tertiary care hospital in costal Andhra Pradesh.

Results: A total of 226 patients were enrolled into the study. Of them 132 were males and 94 female. Inflammatory swelling was most common etiology (76.1%) followed by congenital (16.3%) and neoplastic (7.5%).

Conclusions: In most cases of pediatrics neck masses diagnosis is made based on a detailed history and the findings of the physical examination. If radiological examination is required, US should be the first choice. Infectious and inflammatory diseases are the leading causes of neck masses in the pediatric age group.


Neck masses, Fine needle aspiration cytology, Infections

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