Pathoradiological association between depth of invasion and neck node metastasis in oral cavity tumours

Shruti Venugopalan, Sejal N. Mistry, Yash D. Lavana, Manish R. Mehta, Paresh J. Khavdu


Background: The aims of the study were to know whether the increase in the depth of invasion in oral cavity carcinoma assessed histopathologically and radiologically co-relates with neck node metastasis and to accurately co-relate the radiological thickness at which neck dissection is required.

Methods: A retrospective study has been conducted over thirty patients with oral cavity carcinoma (buccal mucosa and tongue) in the time period of April 2018 to December 2018 who were operated in our tertiary care hospital.  

Results: Depth of invasion is relatable histopathologically and radiologically, is directly proportional to neck node metastasis. Pre-operative radiology is a reliable modality to rule out the need of neck node dissection.

Conclusions: Depth of invasion is directly proportional to the incidence of neck node metastasis and pre-operative radiology has been reliable to rule out the need of neck dissection and reduce its morbidity.


Tongue carcinoma, Buccal mucosa carcinoma, T1-T2 lesions with N0 neck

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