Published: 2019-08-27

Correlation of tympanic membrane perforations with hearing loss

Mirza Aneesa, Samreen Siraj, Arshid Ali


Background: Tympanic membrane perforations are common cause of hearing loss. This study was designed to analyze the relation between tympanic membrane perforation and hearing loss.

Methods: In this prospective study, patients with dry tympanic membrane perforations of safe type were included. The patients were divided into groups in according to size, site and duration of perforation.  

Results: 49 patients with 70 dry tympanic membrane perforations were studied. Data was analyzed statistically using paired t-test. Hearing loss increased as the size of perforation increased. Posterior quadrant perforations were associated with more hearing loss as compared to anterior quadrant perforations. Also duration of disease was in linear relation with mean hearing loss.

Conclusions:The degree of conductive hearing loss as a result of tympanic membrane perforation would be expected with the size, site and duration of perforation.



Tympanic membrane, Conductive hearing loss, Perforation

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