Clinical perculiarities of preauricular sinus abscess: a tertiary health centre experience

Daniel J. Aliyu, Abdullahi Mohammed


Background: Preauricular sinus abscess is a sequellae of an infected squamous epithelial lined preauricular sinus tract, commonly seen in pediatric population. This study aim to determine the clinical profile of preauricular sinus abscess in Sokoto, Nigeria.

Methods: This was a retrospective study carried out between June 2011 to May 2014 of all patients with preauricular sinus abscess that presented to the department of ear, nose and throat. Data extracted from clinical records were bio-data, duration of symptoms, and history of recurrence and associated congenital anomalies, sides of involvements, sensitivity results, treatments options and outcome. Data obtained were analyzed using simple statistical tables.  

Results: Seventeen patients were seen during the study period with preauricular abscess (PA). There were 5    (29.4%) males and 12 (70.6%) females with a ratio M:F of 1:2.4. The age range was from 5-34 years. Prevalence of PA is high in the 1-10 years age group. Six patients (35.3%) had ruptured abscess. Unilateral PA involving the left side in 12 (70.6%) patients was most common. Two patients had previous incision and drainage prior to presentation. Staphylococcus aureus was the most common isolated organism. Twelve patients (70.6%) were lost to follow up after surgical drainage and 5 (29.4%) patients had wide local excision of the sinus tract to remove all vestiges of squamous epithelium as opposed to simple sinectomy. One patient had recurrence.

Conclusions: We emphasize the need for proper health education of definitive surgery after surgical drainage of preauricular sinus abscess.


Preauricular abscess, Preauricular sinus, Sinectomy, Surgical excision

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