Craniofacial dermoid cyst: a case report

Morad Faoury, Stefan Mitrasinovic, William Hellier, Nijaguna Mathad, Madanagopalan Ethunandan


We describe a case of a craniofacial dermoid cyst in a 16-month boy treated at our tertiary referral centre. The patient presented with a soft tissue swelling in the mid forehead extending down to the glabella. Computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging scans demonstrated a peripherally enhancing cystic lesion with a defect in the underlying frontal bone. The clinical and imaging features were suggestive of a dermoid cyst with intracranial extension. The cyst became infected pre-operatively and this episode was managed by aspiration and antibiotics. Definitive management was by excision of the extra and intra-cranial components of the lesion via a bifrontal craniotomy. The presentation, investigations and management of this lesion is discussed.


Dermoid cyst, Nasoglabellar dermoid cyst, Extracerebral dermoid cyst

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