Cervical thymic cyst in adult: a rare entity

Rohaizam Bin Japar Jaafar, Glen Johannes Franciscus Kemps, Ing Bing Tan, Alida Annechien Postma


Cervical thymic cysts in adults are rare and seldom diagnosed preoperatively as it may mimic other cystic cervical swellings like a branchial cleft cyst. We present our first encounter with an adult-onset cervical thymic cyst presenting as a lateral neck mass as the sole symptom. Clinical, radiological and cytological evaluations are excellent tools to approach and assess cervical thymic cysts. Histopatholgical examination is the only mean to provide a definitive diagnosis. Adult-onset cervical thymic cyst is a rare entity but should be included in the differential diagnosis for lateral neck swelling. Surgical excision is both diagnostic and therapeutic, once malignancy has been exluded.


Cervical thymic cyst, Thymopharyngeal duct cyst, Cervical schwannoma

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