Clival chordoma presenting as a parapharyngeal mass: a diagnostic challenge

Prita Pradhan, Rudra Narayan Biswal, Khageswar Rout, Ranjita Panigrahi, Pranati Misra, Urmila Senapati, Jayasree Rath


Though the parapharyngeal space is sites of primary involvement by neoplastic process, they can rarely house masses descending from a base of skull tumour. Chordoma is an uncommon tumour of the skull base and sacrococcyx. Originating from the notochordal remnants, they are locally aggressive causing lytic destruction of the adjacent bony structures, particularly in the base of the skull. The use of surgery and adjuvant high-dose proton RT is documented to produce best results. Here we report a diagnostic challenge posed by a chordoma occurring as a parapharyngeal mass in a 68 year old male.


Notochordal, Dysphagia, Sphenoid sinus, S100

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