Transcanal endoscopic management of epitympanic cholesteatoma: a promising technique

Arvind Varma, Aanchal Sahni


Background: The objective of the study was to evaluate the role of functional endoscopic ear surgery in epitympanic cholesteatoma removal.

Methods: This study included 15 cases of epitympanic cholesteatoma who underwent exclusive endoscopic surgeries for cholesteatoma removal in a tertiary care centre between December 2017 to May 2018. The improvement in hearing threshold and air bone closure was evaluated comparing the preoperative and postoperative audiogram. The incidence of recurrence and reperforation was noted postoperatively using otoendoscopy.  

Results: Post-surgery improvement in hearing threshold was observed. There was no incidence of recurrence and reperforation during the mean follow up period of 7.8 months.

Conclusions: Endoscopic removal of epitympanic cholesteatoma is more natural way of removal of disease with less post-surgery morbidity and recurrence. It has potential to be a promising tool for treatment of epitympanic cholesteatoma in future.



Cholesteatoma, Endoscopic ear surgery, Recurrence

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