Rigid ventilating video bronchoscope with forceps for bronchoscopic foreign body removal in children

Sagar Jawale, Parthapratim Gupta, Bharti Kulkarni


Bronchoscopic foreign body removal is a potentially dangerous and challenging procedure in pediatric surgery. bronchoscopy under general anaesthesia is the gold standard of diagnosis and management of foreign body aspiration. A large ventilating channel and better control over the tip of the instrument and cheaper instrument are the merits of rigid bronchoscopy over flexible one. Traditionally a rigid tube alone is used for this purpose which has extreme limitations of vision and it is risky. Foreign body aspiration typically occurs in 6 to 18 month age and the size of glottis is very small at this age. In Indian children who are small and malnourished the large assembly of sheath and telescope mounted forceps does not pass through the glottis. To overcome the limitations of the traditional equipment I designed my own bronchoscopy equipment by my 15 year of experience in bronchoscopy. This type of device is reported for the first time in medical literature and patent is filed for it at Mumbai office.



Bronchoscopic foreign body removal, Video bronchoscope, Bronchoscopy, Rigid video bronchoscope with forceps

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