Published: 2019-04-26

Comparison of blood loss in endoscopic powered adenoidectomy and conventional curettage

Nithya Krishnakumar, N. K. Bashir, Girish Raj


Background: Adenoidectomy is one of the most common surgeries done in children. Over the years many techniques have evolved like powered adenoidectomy, radiofrequency ablation, electro cautery etc. Use of endoscopes has enabled surgeons to perform adenoidectomy under direct vision. The objectives of the study were to compare blood loss of conventional and endoscopic assisted powered adenoidectomy.

Methods: In this a prospective observational study of 30 children attending ENT department in MES Medical College was done. In the conventional technique, adenoidectomy was done using St Claire Thomson adenoid curette. In powered adenoidectomy technique, micro debrider was used under guidance of 00 nasal endoscope (2.7 mm). Intra operatively blood loss during surgery were looked for and noted in both groups.  

Results: In the study of 30 children divided in to 2 groups who are comparable statistically. Average blood loss in patients who underwent CA was 38.53 ml and in patients who underwent EAA was 28.27 ml, with standard deviation of 4.704 and 3.863 respectively. The difference in mean blood loss was 10.26 ml.

Conclusions: Endoscopic assisted powered adenoidectomy has lower blood loss as compared to conventional adenoidectomy.


Adenoidectomy, Powered adenoidectomy, Endoscopic adenoidectomy

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