Primary laryngeal tuberculosis

Aditya Brahmono, Nyilo Purnami, Muhtarum Yusuf


Primary laryngeal tuberculosis (TB) is a very rare disease that became the most common causes of granuloma disease in the larynx. The manifestasion of tuberculosis on the laryngeal is commonly local without systemic symptom. This case reported was 21 year old male that complained of hoarseness for 6 months. The results of the fiber optic laryngoscopy (FOL) is generally believed a papilloma of the larynx. Biopsy extraction with microlaryngeal surgery was a mandatory procedure that apparently showing an overview of TB based on the results of histopathology and polymerase chain reaction (PCR). Anti-tuberculosis drugs were given to the patients, the evaluation carried out six months after the patient obtain intensive therapy and continue therapy with good result. Due to the non spesific laryngeal sign that was observed on clinical examination, clinicians must consider the possibility of primary laryngeal tuberculosis. Biopsy the lession on larynx continued with histopathology examination must not hesitate to confirm the diagnosis. PCR can be considered the better way to detect the TB bacteria. 



Primary laryngeal tuberculosis, Granuloma, Hoarseness, Anti tuberculosis drugs

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