Published: 2019-04-26

Sinonasal malignant melanoma: a case report

Yazid Bin Pol Ong, Yong Doh Jeing


Primary sinonasal malignant melanoma (SNMM) is a rare aggressive neoplasm of mucosal melanoma. It is more commonly affect adult with late presentation. Here, we report a case of SNMM in a 56-year-old lady who presented with worsening left sided nasal blockage in 1-month duration associated with black pigmented mass in nasal cavity, epistaxis and diplopia. Computerized tomographic scan showed sinonasal mass with orbital involvement and tissue biopsy confirmed the diagnosis. Surgery was performed to remove the tumour and patient had recovered well with no sign of recurrence.



Mucosal melanoma, Sinonasal tumour, Unilateral nasal tumour, Malignant melanoma

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