Local facial flaps: a workhorse for reconstruction of facial malignancies defects

Jagdeep Rao, Nikita G. Rolekar, Pradeep Goil


Background: Face represents complete personality of a human being, so adequate cosmetic correction of facial defects arising due to skin malignancy is very important. After excision, treatment option varies according to size and location of defect for small- or moderately-sized circular defects. In our study, we have evaluated versatility of local flap of face.

Methods: We have included 30 cases of skin malignancy on face in our Institute within the period of June 2016 to May 2018. 20 patients (66.6%) were male and 10 patients (33.3%) were female, in age group from 45 to 65 years. 17 cases had basal cell carcinoma, 10 cases had squamous cell carcinoma and 3 cases had malignant melanoma. Tumours were excised with safe margins and defects reconstructed with local facial flaps. We evaluated the early postoperative complications and after 6months, cosmetic outcome and patient satisfaction was evaluated.  

Results: 30 patients with small to medium-sized defect (3-6 cm), 8 cases were managed with V-Y advancement flap, 7 cases nasolabial flap, 8 cases forehead flap and, 4 cases Limberg flap, 4 cases cheek advancement flap. Postoperatively none of the cases had complications and the functional and aesthetic outcomes were quite acceptable. Aesthetic results were excellent in 15 patients (50%), while in 8 patients good results (27%) and 5 patient fair results (17%) after 6 month.

Conclusions: Local facial flaps are the simple and best option to reconstruct the small to medium size facial malignancies defects and provides excellent skin colour and texture match with gives good aesthetic result.


Skin malignancy, Local facial flap

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