Screening of high-risk newborns for hearing in MRMC using OAE and BERA

Mallikarjun S. Tegnoor, Farha Naaz


Background: Hearing is necessary to learn languages and speech and to develop cognitive skills. As hearing is important for normal educational and social development, hearing loss can be disastrous and for the family it can be very distressing. With early detection of hearing loss using OAE and BERA, we can ensure normal language development and help the growing child to lead a near normal life.

Methods: 500 cases- out of which 400 normal babies and 100 high risk babies are taken for the study who attend Pediatric OPD and IPD of Basaweshwara Teaching and General Hospital (BTGH) and Sangameshwar hospital attached to MRMC.  

Results: Out of 400 cases 2 cases have impaired hearing and out of 100 cases with high risk 6 cases have hearing loss.

Conclusions: This study highlights the need for OAE and BERA for early identification of hearing loss and that although universal hearing screening programs are warranted but most of the cases with hearing loss can be identified based on the risk factors and High-risk Screening can suffice in areas with limited resources.


OAE, BERA, High risk factors for hearing loss in newborns

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