Comparative study between endoscopic cartilage myringoplasty and endoscopic temporalis fascia myringoplasty

P. Chozhan, M. Sankara Subramanian, D. Kannathal, R. Malarvizhi


Background: Myringoplasty is a common ear surgery performed all over the world. This study is focused on prospective comparative study using two different graft materials.

Methods: This was a prospective study done in the Department of ENT Stanley Medical College, Chennai during the period from March 2013 to September 2013. Sample size was 60 patients. Follow up was done till 6 months.  

Results: Graft acceptance was achieved in 28 patients (93%) who underwent palisade cartilage myringoplasty, whereas it was achieved in 24 patients (80%) in the temporalis fascia myringoplasty group.

Conclusions: The outcomes in our patient series indicate that cartilage myringoplasty achieves good results. Cartilage, a very effective material for the reconstruction of the TM and grafts can provide an excellent anatomical result, perfect stability and good functional outcome.


Myringoplasty, Cartilage, Temporalis fascia, Endoscopic

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