Actinomycosis of maxillary antrum presenting as nasal polypi: a rare case

K. C. Prasad, Harshitha N., Azeem Mohiyuddin S. M., Harshita T. R., Indu Varsha, Vswashanthi Pondala


Actinomycosis is a rare anaerobic bacterial infection that presents in the form of cervicofacial, pulmonary, thoracic and abdominopelvic infections. It is usually caused by Actinomyces israelii which are a part of normal flora of aerodigestive tracts. They are opportunistic pathogens and cause infections which have odontogenic origin in oral cavity. Cervicofacial actinomycosis accounts for more than half of the cases and commonly affects the mandible. We are reporting a case of actinomycosis of left maxillary antrum presenting as a nasal polypi in a young man. He had presented with nasal discharge and yellowish crusts from left nasal cavity. Diagnostic nasal endoscopy revealed yellowish polypoidal mass arising from the left middle meatus. CT PNS showed soft tissue density mass measuring 3.7×4.3×4.1 cms in left maxillary antrum extending through and obliterating osteomeatal complex extending into left ethmoidal sinus. Patient underwent Functional endoscopic sinus surgery. The yellowish polypoidal mass in left nasal cavity was attached to the floor of the maxillary antrum by a thin stalk and had filled up the antrum. Histopathology of the specimen revealed inflammatory polyp with actinomycosis. Patient had an uneventful recovery and was put on long term antibiotics and regular follow up.


Actinomycosis, Maxillary antrum, Nasal polypi

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